Life's like a multiple choice question, sometimes the choices confuse you, not the question itself

Gak berasa 10 tahun udah dijalanin. Banyak suka dan duka.

Selamat hari jadi @pitakuning yang ke-10. Semoga makin tahun makin banyak memberi manfaat buat orang banyak.

Terima kasih untuk para relawan dan semua yang pernah bekerja dan berkarya bersama. – with Prasetya Ega, Emenda,, Sari, Gabriel, Niken, Tyas Amalia, Chriestine, Martia, Tyas , Mahayu, Luthfian, Steny, Bunga, Mustika, and Nevanov

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Believe in yourself

Many times people will try to tear down whatever you’re trying to build.

There are times they have doubts on you and question what you’ve passionately been doing

It’s simply because

They don’t see what you value

They don’t understand what’s the importance of what you think is important

They know what you’ve been through and how far you’ve gone this far.

They don’t feel as much burden as you carry up in your shoulder

They’re too reluctant to take the risks unlike you

They don’t know how it feels to be you

They’re just not you

Not only will these things sometimes frustrate you but they will also discourage you.

All you have to do is convince yourself when no one listens to you, listen to yourself.

When no one stands beside you, stand up for what you think is worth fighting for

Because you’re like a bird who’s standing on a branch

A bird standing on a branch should never be afraid that the branch would be breaking

Because its trust is not in the branch

But in its own wings.

Believe in yourself, spread your wings and fly!

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What a great day it was to have met a great leader, Willie Low, CEO & President Director of Niro Ceramics Indonesia.

He wakes up at 4.30 each morning, spends 45 mins from Kota Wisata Cibubur to his office Mega Kuningan, all set behind his work station at 5.30 AM.

Long before anyone shows up at the office, enjoying a quiet moment so called life privillege.

Finding peace behind all routines, a moment of solitude.

It’s true that solitude is brain food.

Even scientific research has found that your brain needs solitude just like it needs social interaction.

Disengaging from work projects and the goings-on around the office is sometimes necessary when you’re trying to find meaning.

When we’re not focusing on anything in particular–instead letting the mind wander or dip into our deep storehouse of memories, ideas, and emotions–the brain’s default mode network is activated.

I obtained another quick leadership course every episode of this business program, Indosat Ooredoo Business. I could never be more thankful.

Remember, solitude is food for your brain, like how right now I’m enjoying my solitude up at this hour while listening to a fine tune “Love at second sight” of David Foster.

I’d call this a moment of detach, a truly precious for a daily work slave like me.

Hope you’ll manage to find your own solitude too out of those life pressures.

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Everyone can open a shop but not everyone can keep the shop open

Setiap anggota PEGEL (Pengusaha Golongan Ekonomi Lemah) spt kami di @Inside_Pro pasti kena imbas dari kesulitan ekonomi nasional yg kita rasain bersama.

Mulai dari kenaikan bahan baku yg pake dollar, harga kebutuhan pokok naik sehingga harga tenaga kerjapun naik.

Tapi mungkin kreativitas berhemat, kerja efektif dan maksimal yg mungkin dituntut dari setiap bisnis supaya bisa bertahan.

Daripada ngeluh melulu yg nguras emosi, daripada ngomelin negara yg kerjaan-nya banyak, mending mikir keras gimana tetep bisa berkarya

Yah untung tipis gpp deh, libas aja, yg penting puluhan orang yg bergantung nasib sama kita tetep bisa ngikut, enggak di PHK.

Kemampuan bertahan di tengah badai kayaknya penting dijalanin

Yang penting masih ada orang yg percaya dan setia berdiri bersama dalam badai

Maju terus industri menengah tanah air, tingkatin kreativitas supaya bisa tegar berdiri memberi arti.

Everyone can open a shop but not everyone can keep the shop open.

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Shaveforhope 2015 – Thank you

Gerakkan @Shaveforhope 2015 sudah berakhir, menyisakan kenangan dan karya kita semua, donasi Rp (100% dari tahun lalu)

Terima kasih, sahabat, yang sudah meluangkan waktu, tenaga, kreativitas, keringat, uang dan semua pengorbanan lain.

In the world of social act, we are not paid by God, we even pay to God for whatever greatness and blessing given to us prior through a beautiful gift called “Life”.

Thank you for the friendship that brings values to others. You are a true Superhero for humanity.

Photo by: Sogi – with Rifky, Ny. SimhalaOdit, Dolly, Meta, Tyas, Andre, Fara, BEYON, Niken, Adisty, Devianti, Oddie, Sandru, sHaNdRRa, Diana (dee), Ligwina, Andira, Fani, Fauzi, Kusuma, Haviez, Sogi, Alvei, @Dear_Connie, Yana Bhonar, Lala, Dian, Christie, Tyra, Tora, オードリ, B🐶tik🇮🇩, Rehan Rivai, Iwet, Indra, Arya, Udj, Bunga, Edward, Indira, Rana, Titi, Yoga, @bedahplastik, wiwied- nay, Tasylda, Helen, Evan, Erlin, Niken , Andhika, Chris, Nico Oliver, Nataya Kaligis, Meilita, AYUNITRIA, T. Fadil , Pio Kharisma, and ShaveForHope

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“Boys will be Boys”, a strong value men have kept for a long time until some groups take the meaning into a whole new term and experience to be “Boys will be Girls”

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A blogger joining @Shaveforhope 2015

The name is Jenny Jusuf

Author, Scriptwriter, Blogger, Flashpacker. To sum it up:

Challenges herself to raise donation worth Rp 50 million for a clean-shaven bald head, if achieved.

She’s the only woman on the move, so far.

She speaks her heart out through a beautiful writing:

“I have a new hero. Scratch it. I have new heroes. Let me introduce you to The Kid Avengers, a group of superkids who tirelessly fight against their ultimate enemy: cancer.

They are all superheroes and they have been very brave, but even superheroes cannot work alone. So this is your chance to take part of The Kid Avengers’ mission. All you need is a big, loving heart … and your hair, which shall grow back beautifully in no time. You can also join this powerful movement by giving whatever amount of donation you see fit and not only you are helping them to fight the ugly cancer monster, you also get to see MY hair cut!

My goal is to raise IDR 50,000,000 (USD$3700) to be donated to our little heroes. What is life without a little challenge, right? With some luck, I will be able get a pixie cut and if I am not so lucky (minimum requirement for female participants is 10cm cut), I will go bald—like Demi Moore in G.I. Jane—for few months and you will be welcome to approach and rub my head with a clean hand. Clean hand is a MUST. 😀

If you are in Jakarta and cannot wait to participate, register yourself at We might bump into each other and take selfies together!

If you are not in Jakarta and just as excited to participate, record yourself getting a haircut with your favorite stylist—or anyone with a pair of scissors, for that matter—and upload the video on Youtube before September 1 (see detailed information on the website).

You can also participate by promoting this movement on your social media handles or help Shave for Hope Team find a sponsor. For example, if you are friends with The Kardashians or Beyoncé. ESPECIALLY if you are friends with Beyoncé.

Let’s help The Kid Avengers win the battle.

Let’s be a hero.

Be the hope”

Help Jenny accomplish her mission on @Shaveforhope

Click and donate

If you spend Rp 20.000 and the rest 2500 people do the same thing

The number becomes nothing to spend but big thing to help kids with cancer.

Be the hope for JenJus and the hero for the kids!

Steny Agustaf

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It’s amazing how @Shaveforhope has touched the hearts of many.

Surprisingly, it’s more amazing to witness what one company does to inspire others through act of giving.

Commonwealth Bank Indonesia has always been faithfully there to support this movement through the years. We could never be more thankful.

They creatively expanded the support through so many fun yet inspiring activities internally.

Here’s how it engages its staffs and BOD on a campaign to achieve more than Rp 200 millions to top up donation for @Shaveforhope

It’s called…. GOAL FOR HOPE

They wrote:
[ Commonwealth Bank Holds Goal for Hope’ internal campaign..

Starting this week forward,
Bank will donate 100K for every goal made and all funds raised will be donated to Shave for Hope 2015 to support children with cancer!

(picture left) Our CFO in action! And it’s GOAAAAALLLLL!!!!! 👏⚽️

The same program will be conducted in our 91 branches in 32 cities ]

On behalf of @Shaveforhope, I’d like to extend our heartfelt appreciation and most profound gratitude for what Commonwealth Bank Indonesia has given to us.

True heroes aren’t always those who fly up in the sky.

True heroes are those who’ve been with us through the years.

Because anyone can be a hero for others.

“Be the hope, Be the hero”

Steny Agustaf – with Rifky, Fauzi, Kusuma, Ivan Loviano, Haviez, Fara, Edward, Alvei, Titi, Yana Bhonar, ShaveForHope, Indira, オードリ, and Sandru

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A life filled by giving is a life worth living

Baru sekali ngikut Zumba 2 jam non-stop bareng ratusan perempuan di senayan, badan pegel-nya kayak abis berantem sama robot transformer.

Pegel, capek, ngos-ngosan, keringet nyatu bareng dengan peserta lain buat olahraga sambil aksi support adik-adik kanker di bawah naungan Yayasan Pita Kuning Anak Indonesia.

Terima kasih Hero Group lewat @Heropeduli ngajak masyarakat aksi kesehatan sambil sehat bareng.

Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah, Pita Kuning didaulat utk kelola Rp 474.900.000 utk pengobatan dan perawatan kanker anak di Indonesia.

Thank you para relawan dan simpatisan pita kuning dan masyarakat yg udah ikut #ZumbaCarnival

Shall we continue the journey of giving to make life worth living?

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away” – Pablo Picasso

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A social Zumba

Jadi begini, tugas gue di Corporate Partnership & Community Development Yayasan Pita Kuning Anak Indonesia (YPKAI) adalah:

1. Bangun kemitraan dengan korporasi utk bisa dapet support finansial buat anak2 kanker, target 5M setahun, karena biaya pengobatan anak kanker memang GEDE banget.

2. Bikin berbagai konsep sosial dan ngajak masyarakat ikut terjun support anak2 kanker utk ikut aksi sosial yang fun dan exciting.

NAH ketemu nih @Heropeduli bantu Pita Kuning kasih bantuan, jalan bareng deh kita Zumbaan 🙂

Ayo para Zumbaer/Zumbalist/Zumbalayas/Zumbalicious ….aduh apa sih nama pezumba itu ya?

Kita Zumba-an bareng sekaligus galang bantuan utk perawatan dan pengobatan anak2 kanker.

Jumat 3 Mei di Plaza Timur Senayan bareng Liza Natalia, Gue dan Pandji. *manasin pinggang*

Ada pertanyaan? Hub call center HERO Group di 0-800-1-998877 atau

Atau masuk ke @YPKAI_C3

Charity goes along with lifestyle because helping should be as easy as one, two, three.

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