Life's like a multiple choice question, sometimes the choices confuse you, not the question itself

What a great day it was to have met a great leader, Willie Low, CEO & President Director of Niro Ceramics Indonesia.

He wakes up at 4.30 each morning, spends 45 mins from Kota Wisata Cibubur to his office Mega Kuningan, all set behind his work station at 5.30 AM.

Long before anyone shows up at the office, enjoying a quiet moment so called life privillege.

Finding peace behind all routines, a moment of solitude.

It’s true that solitude is brain food.

Even scientific research has found that your brain needs solitude just like it needs social interaction.

Disengaging from work projects and the goings-on around the office is sometimes necessary when you’re trying to find meaning.

When we’re not focusing on anything in particular–instead letting the mind wander or dip into our deep storehouse of memories, ideas, and emotions–the brain’s default mode network is activated.

I obtained another quick leadership course every episode of this business program, Indosat Ooredoo Business. I could never be more thankful.

Remember, solitude is food for your brain, like how right now I’m enjoying my solitude up at this hour while listening to a fine tune “Love at second sight” of David Foster.

I’d call this a moment of detach, a truly precious for a daily work slave like me.

Hope you’ll manage to find your own solitude too out of those life pressures.

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