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A blogger joining @Shaveforhope 2015

The name is Jenny Jusuf

Author, Scriptwriter, Blogger, Flashpacker. To sum it up:

Challenges herself to raise donation worth Rp 50 million for a clean-shaven bald head, if achieved.

She’s the only woman on the move, so far.

She speaks her heart out through a beautiful writing:

“I have a new hero. Scratch it. I have new heroes. Let me introduce you to The Kid Avengers, a group of superkids who tirelessly fight against their ultimate enemy: cancer.

They are all superheroes and they have been very brave, but even superheroes cannot work alone. So this is your chance to take part of The Kid Avengers’ mission. All you need is a big, loving heart … and your hair, which shall grow back beautifully in no time. You can also join this powerful movement by giving whatever amount of donation you see fit and not only you are helping them to fight the ugly cancer monster, you also get to see MY hair cut!

My goal is to raise IDR 50,000,000 (USD$3700) to be donated to our little heroes. What is life without a little challenge, right? With some luck, I will be able get a pixie cut and if I am not so lucky (minimum requirement for female participants is 10cm cut), I will go bald—like Demi Moore in G.I. Jane—for few months and you will be welcome to approach and rub my head with a clean hand. Clean hand is a MUST. 😀

If you are in Jakarta and cannot wait to participate, register yourself at We might bump into each other and take selfies together!

If you are not in Jakarta and just as excited to participate, record yourself getting a haircut with your favorite stylist—or anyone with a pair of scissors, for that matter—and upload the video on Youtube before September 1 (see detailed information on the website).

You can also participate by promoting this movement on your social media handles or help Shave for Hope Team find a sponsor. For example, if you are friends with The Kardashians or Beyoncé. ESPECIALLY if you are friends with Beyoncé.

Let’s help The Kid Avengers win the battle.

Let’s be a hero.

Be the hope”

Help Jenny accomplish her mission on @Shaveforhope

Click and donate

If you spend Rp 20.000 and the rest 2500 people do the same thing

The number becomes nothing to spend but big thing to help kids with cancer.

Be the hope for JenJus and the hero for the kids!

Steny Agustaf

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