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It’s amazing how @Shaveforhope has touched the hearts of many.

Surprisingly, it’s more amazing to witness what one company does to inspire others through act of giving.

Commonwealth Bank Indonesia has always been faithfully there to support this movement through the years. We could never be more thankful.

They creatively expanded the support through so many fun yet inspiring activities internally.

Here’s how it engages its staffs and BOD on a campaign to achieve more than Rp 200 millions to top up donation for @Shaveforhope

It’s called…. GOAL FOR HOPE

They wrote:
[ Commonwealth Bank Holds Goal for Hope’ internal campaign..

Starting this week forward,
Bank will donate 100K for every goal made and all funds raised will be donated to Shave for Hope 2015 to support children with cancer!

(picture left) Our CFO in action! And it’s GOAAAAALLLLL!!!!! 👏⚽️

The same program will be conducted in our 91 branches in 32 cities ]

On behalf of @Shaveforhope, I’d like to extend our heartfelt appreciation and most profound gratitude for what Commonwealth Bank Indonesia has given to us.

True heroes aren’t always those who fly up in the sky.

True heroes are those who’ve been with us through the years.

Because anyone can be a hero for others.

“Be the hope, Be the hero”

Steny Agustaf – with Rifky, Fauzi, Kusuma, Ivan Loviano, Haviez, Fara, Edward, Alvei, Titi, Yana Bhonar, ShaveForHope, Indira, オードリ, and Sandru

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