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Accelerating to transform

For more than 88 years of existence here, Coca-Cola is now accelerating to transform for Indonesia as the growth engine.

The Chairman & Global brand CEO, Mr Muctar Kent together with his delegates came to Indonesia to invest this year up to US$ 500 Million stretched to US$ 1,6 Bio in the upcoming years.

It’s amazing to see how a brand of our everyday lives has been together with us through life’s thick and thin.

Not only has it been selling but it has also been contributing with so many efforts to grow communities and people.

Perpuseru, Angkat raketmu & ‘Exercise is medicine’ are some of my and your favorite campaigns for sure.

Happy 88th anniversary Coca Cola System, stay ahead to be a contributing brand!

Glad to be a part of its journey. – with Titi, Ima Silaban, Andrew, and Rurie

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