Life's like a multiple choice question, sometimes the choices confuse you, not the question itself

A man and his pee

A man and his pee

How much pee does a man make in his lifetime?
Approx 1,5 liter x 365 days x 82 years = 44.895 liter

How long does a man pee?
40-45 seconds each shot

What does he do during those 45 secs?
Nothing, just looking at his pee while pointing at the right target.

Then how long does a man spend time looking at his pee in his lifetime?
Approx 45 secs x 365 days x 82 years = 1.346.850 secs = 22.475 mins = 374,12 hours

Imagine how a man could have enjoyed better scenery, should have done something more fun with his 374,12 hours of his lifetime rather than looking at his own pee.


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