Life's like a multiple choice question, sometimes the choices confuse you, not the question itself

A door story

Tonight, I met a girl I used to have a big crush on, perhaps 14 years ago. She’s in Mandiri now, a quite high-rank officer, I suppose.

We had great laughs, giggles and fun talks.

She politely asked, “What happened on the journey to have made you forget to get married?”

Not anticipating the moment, I was teasing her

“I would have been enjoying myself being married, If you had opened the door for me,

you didn’t even open the window for me to climb up, should I blame marriage for forgetting me or you? haha”

She replied “Hahaha, nothing changed from 14 years ago, I never had any feelings for you but being with you long ago was the most exciting memory as far as I could remember”

Feeling awkward by the reply but still wanting to look cool, I replied: “Hahaha, call me a childhood memory, always fun to remember but never will come back, I was just teasing you, let’s take a picture!”

We said goodbye

15 minutes ago, she texted me “The door I should have opened for you was pushed hard and broken by someone else who never intended to come in”

I haven’t replied but If I should, I’ll be saying:

“You’d better fix the door and get prepared that maybe soon, someone else is gonna get through the door… not me, I’m already staying in someone’s living room right now and enjoying the view”

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