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Sharing is improving yourself

Sharing is improving

Besok ngajar kelas MC gratisan utk sebuah komunitas yg selalu excited utk belajar hal yg baru.

Ini memang bagian dari personal social responsibility program yg lagi dijalanin.

Bukan memberi ke mereka aja tapi dua arah, justru memanfaatkan moment ini utk diajarin sama mereka, diasah pisau ilmu-nya dan dikasih tau banyak hal yg baru dari 40 peserta ini.

Seru, asik, feeling appreciated. Itu pengalaman yg selalu dirasain tiap sharing kelas gratisan.

Let me share one point why we need to pass on our knowledge. Whoever we are, whatever we do for living.

1. Sharing is all about helping others to grow.

They are like branches of tree and you are the tree.

If the branches are strong, you turn stronger.

One of the most powerful things we can all do as humans is to eventually help other human beings when they are in need,

and in order to do that we would need to start by sharing our knowledge and experiences, know-how, skills, lessons learned, etc.

2. Sharing is all about leaving a legacy behind for others to treasure One of the main key personal benefits of participating, engaging, and sharing our knowledge in social networks

is that ability to build a legacy for which people would be able to remember you over the course of time.

In short, by sharing. They succeed, you succeed. You succeed, they succeed.

Happy sharing!
Happy improving our knowlege!

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