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Celebrating The Excellence

Celebrating the excellence

Did you know the first BMW ever launched in Indonesia in 1976 was 520i?

Connecting history from 1976 to 2014, the brand succesfully welcomed its 50.000th locally assembled 528i Luxury a few days ago.

Now the questions pop up
“How serious can a premium brand be for Indonesian market in terms of development for the past 38 years?”

The answers are:

1. It had invested US$ 100 million investment in our country to build production network. That’s a very serious statement.

2. Thousands of Indonesians are employed, well-trained by german auto experts, sent to munich to observe and learn to keep up the excellence.

3. During the economic crisis in last few decades, it was there and still has been, never had a thought of leaving so the labors could still be employed.

4. Drive the unit at any country in the world, you’ll have the same premium experience. Standardizing the excellence so to speak.

Quoting Karl Meisner, BMW group’s production executive on a casual chat before the event

“Indonesia has been the apple of everyone in the world’s eye. A waking up giant that will conquer the world soon. That’s why we’re very serious with the market”

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