Life's like a multiple choice question, sometimes the choices confuse you, not the question itself

Backstage Story

Being an MC

One of the best things of being a Master of Ceremonies is that you can absorb people’s daily-life stories and build connection with some others through those stories.

I enjoy backstage chit-chats, nothing-important talk is so important to engage audience with lessons you learn through stories.

Like the backstage chats I had with these single ladies while waiting to get on stage, I asked a trivial question:

“If you had to choose between singer and MC, which would you marry?”

One of them replied “I think I’d marry a singer for one reason, when he’s old and broke later, I still can enjoy his singing everyday of our marriage. MC?? I’d never want to spend the rest of my lives listening to his talks and saying ‘Thank you’ all time!”

We ended up laughing

But they got me thinking

Sadly, I think I’d have to change my profession to singer -___-

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