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Let other people take the share first

What an unforgettable experience I had yesterday meeting ACER INC’s white knight of shining armor, CEO Jason Chen.

He doesn’t have a high profile but was Intel’s vice president and general manager for the Asia Pacific until 2005, when he began his TSMC stint. His career kicked off at IBM. During his time at TSMC, the company’s share price has headed in pleasing directions.

Awakened, thrilled and fascinated by the way he moved people through his friendly welcome speech infront of ACER’s backbone business partners.

He shared confidence, assurance and enthusiasm to them that through business’ thick and thin, we should stick together like best friends. Because true friends never leave.

On a small encounter while putting on a headset, he called my name and asked:

“Steny, aren’t you supposed to be having your dinner now, everyone is enjoying one!”

I wasn’t ready to respond but said “No Sir, my job is to guard everyone while having dinner, I can eat afterwards”

He said back to me “That’s a good attitude you’re keeping in. Sometimes in business we also need to let other people take the share first until they get fully fed and sleepy, now that’s the chance for you to enjoy your share alone and focused”

A great metaphor. There I learn again how to think big from someone big. Thanks, Sir!

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