Life's like a multiple choice question, sometimes the choices confuse you, not the question itself

Pengalaman di Entrepreneurfes 2014

Celebrating life today with 40 Public Speaking enthusiasts from entrepreneurship sector at road to @Entrepreneurfes 2014.

There’s this one question coming from a girl named Evelin who was very passionate in learning that got me choked

“If you had to trade in something you have with mine, what would it be?”

Spontaneously responding with no business insight, I said “I’d like to swap your young spirit and the eyes of tigress with my old, tired, worn-out soul”

She came back with “Now I finally find out your flaw, you’re just as self-absorbed as every other man I know. Insecurity never takes you nowhere further than your fear to move on from the past, Mas”

I was like struck by lightning in a cold atmosphere of confusion.

But then I smiled to respect her courage to speak out her mind.

Nothing succeeds like enthusiasm, the youth has the power and courage but we all have the experience that come in a great swap with theirs. That’s a great benefit of sharing.

Today, I learned from them about how it feels to have a passion again, taking me back to the phase I used to be in my previous decade.

Sharing is a mutual learning.

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