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Today’s lesson: HOPE

I believe every man who runs his own enterprise has one word he should immediately strike from his vocabulary.

Some might consider “Never” while others put the word “Impossible” as one to avoid saying.

Mine is “Hope” such as;

“I hope things will get better”
“I hope we’ll find better project”
“I hope we’ll pass the storm and keep things together”

The first man to have said a phrase that got everyone re-thinking of the word ‘hope’ was Mayor Rudi Giuliani who said:

“Because ‘change’ is not a destination, just as ‘hope’ is not a strategy”

I think it’s simply because hope is an expectation based on desire while every business has so many expectations at many levels but most of it can’t be achieved without planning and execution.

Hope implies lack of control and planning because you as a key leader puts as if there’s one important aspect beside you just when you know that there’s no one responsible more than you.

Needless to explain further, I think my own following statement could be thought-provoking but has a true fact if you comprehend not just the context but the content too.

Who and what do you hope for to make changes when you, as the most responsible man in your business is THE HOPE of your business?

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