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The power of sharing

Share what you love and you’ll love what you have shared.

This morning, I’m meeting prospective Master of Ceremonies and other public speakers of the future on an MC class.

I don’t know why I get excited for several reasons, mostly my #1 reason is:

They keep me remembering those first days of being an MC by showing the eyes of a tiger full of enthusiasm.

And my other reasons to share are:

1. Knowledge Sharing is the Learning, Learning is the Knowledge Sharing. One of the most profound key accelerators for one’s learning is that one of sharing our knowledge out there, in the open, and the more, the better, allowing others to benefit from it, contrasting it, challenging it, reframing it instead of seeing it stagnate, inside your brain,

because you never give it an opportunity to let it grow through that enriching experience of knowledge exchanges with others.

2. Sharing is all about helping others to grow. They are like branches of tree and you are the tree. If the branches are strong, you turn stronger.

One of the most powerful things we can all do as humans is to eventually help other human beings when they are in need, and in order to do that we would need to start by sharing our knowledge and experiences, know-how, skills, lessons learned, etc.

In short, by sharing. They succeed, you succeed. You succeed, they succeed.

3. Sharing is all about leaving a legacy behind for others to treasure One of the main key personal benefits of participating, engaging, and sharing our knowledge in social networks is that ability to build a legacy for which people would be able to remember you over the course of time.

We love telling stories, we heart learning from stories (whether our very own, or stories from those who we trust the most), we rejoice from learning what other people are doing to leave a mark behind that would help us remember them when they are gone.

We treasure and nurture all of those knowledge sharing exchanges that happen on the fly, allowing the magic of serendipity to do the rest.

Share what we love and we will see how it grows and makes a difference to the one we have shared.

Happy Sharing!

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