Life's like a multiple choice question, sometimes the choices confuse you, not the question itself

Leadership lesson from Oscar

This universe is an unlimited stock of lessons to learn for leader and entrepreneur.

Saat sebagian besar orang nonton film dan mengalir dengan sensasi yg diberikan film tsb. Carrie Kerpen CEO of Likeable Media mengamati film2 tsb dan menarik pembelajaran.

Ternyata banyak Pearls of wisdom yg bisa kita tarik dari film hollywood untuk Entrepreneur, kalau kita menggali lebih dalam. Impactnya baik utk para leaders.

Misal-nya: The Wolf of Wallstreet

There are no shortcuts to success.
New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort built a giant empire off of selling penny stocks. A life filled with greed and corruption, Jordan was the ultimate “get rich quick” hustler–living a life of affluence filled with drugs and corruption. Jordan’s story reminds us all as leaders that there truly are no shortcuts to success. True leaders don’t cheat their way to the top, and the ones that do, have short-lived-success.

Therefore, managing to my conclusion, we entrepreneurs should be excited to get so many lessons from lots of resources. This whole universe is an unlimited stocks of learning for all the entrepreneurs.


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