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What every man should watch

Lone Survivor

I have always been a huge fan of Mark Wahlberg and his movies. You name it; Four brothers, Two guns, Pain & Gain, Broken City and many more but the latest one is one of a kind.

I caught my eyes teary a few mins before the movie was over when I found out that this was a true story of a Navy-Seal man named Marcus Lutrell who got survived on a mission against Taliban in afghanistan.

The man survived hours of immediate gunfire, as well as suffering a broken back, ribs, leg, hands and infectious wounds

It’s not just a war chronicle, way more than just showing Wahlberg’s snobbish behaviour whatsoever.

Lone Survivor indeed lives to tell a a mind-boggling story of bravery and true patriotism.

Every man should watch this movie, for what it teaches them strength to survive alone against his biggest obstacles in life.

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