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Experience learned from being sick

Experience learned from being sick

The real meaning of being independent is felt when you’re sick.

You’re given a chance to:

1. Take a good care of yourself by sleeping properly without having to rush going somewhere.

2. Feed yourself with healthy food you bought yourself like fruit, milk and oatmeal.

3. Enjoy a variety of DVDs you bought last year that you weren’t really sure you’d have a chance to watch.

4. Treat yourself like a doctor to a patient. Being self-disciplined to take medication, counting the hours to regularly rub yourself with Cajuput oil when coldness attacks.

5. Clearly understand what your body has been trying to send signals and do something about it.

6. Explore every corner of your house that you haven’t had the chance to do in regular days.

7. In the house, know some things are missing and some are not needed.
You finally know you have a few pairs of new shoes, a couple of suits that are still unpacked.
You realize you need more spoons instead of forks, You know where to locate soup bowls, frying pan, where to order mineral water delivery and so on.

Managing to come to a conclusion, being sick has given a new experience you never did before, has taken to a little adventure you’ve never been before like:

The only thing to find yourself is to get yourself lost in you.


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