Life's like a multiple choice question, sometimes the choices confuse you, not the question itself

The power behind “Nothing”

Good morning!

Most of the time we keep saying the phrase “I’m nothing”

It may show humbleness but in fact, it shows a different meaning.

What is it actually behind the word “Nothing”? Let’s break this riddle first!

“What’s greater than God?”
“What’s more evil than the devil?”
“Rich people need it”
“Poor people have it”
“If you eat it, you’ll die”

What is it?

Correct, the answer is NOTHING

Nothing is greater than God
Nothing is more evil than the devil
The rich need nothing
The poor have nothing
If you eat nothing, you’ll die

Managing to come to a conclusion,

The word nothing has a strong power

When avoiding to be arrogant is what you’re trying to do

Enjoy being nothing! 🙂


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