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Time is a journey to embrace

Time is a journey to embrace

1994-2000 was one of the greatest memories in my life.

My family went on the worst bankruptcy and had to get through the stormiest weather of economy.

I had to pay my own college tuition and expenses.

Thank God I got accepted and was given a chance to be an English teacher at LIA Pengadegan. Rp 7.000 to Rp 11.000 an hour was how much we got paid at that time.

I could still recall my very first salary was Rp 225.000. I went on grocery store and bought my mother one set of 8 different kinds of knife and kitchen utensils.

She cried to have accepted the present. She might have been touched by the present or sad that the salary was too small 🙂

I had to catch the train after college, changed clothes, put on tie and rushed to get into the classes on time.

40 hours a week of work was quite challenging but I made it.

And now years gone by, the teachers and supervisors finally got reunited after 13 years.

Here we are at the picture, exchanging our stupid stories when we were still teaching.

I could have been anywhere in the world and met different people, but thank God I found another warm family I felt very comfortable to spend the hours at work.

I wish I could turn back the hands of time and be there again to make that same history again.

Time passes by so quickly to make us realize that life is not about reaching destination but it’s about how we embrace every moment, take time to appreciate every little step we make and enjoy the journey before it ends.

Steny Agustaf


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