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How it feels to be parents

How it feels to be parents


Everyone has one,
everyone wants to be one
and finally becomes one.

But nobody wants to feel like one when they grow old,

wasted, wounded, lonely, forgotten & abandoned…

like our parents.

When we’re too busy growing up, we forget they’re also growing old.

When we’re too busy celebrating life, they’re also busy praying for us to celebrate more.

When we’re too busy begging for wealth, they’re also busy begging to spend a few minutes of your time to talk on the phone. That’s wealth to them.

When we’re too busy forgetting them, they’re too busy remembering us.

Reminiscing sweet and good old moments they spent together with us.

When we’re too busy bitching how much we hate our lives, they’re too busy thanking God for the lives they still have.

When we’re too busy hating our childhood memories for not being happy long ago, they’re too busy keeping memories tight of how cute and adorable we were.


If we have never loved someone unconditionally….

If we can’t love someone without expecting something in return

If we can’t stand up to fight for our families,

protect them from pain,

shelter them through the stormiest weather,

through life’s thick and thin……

We’ll never know how it feels to be parents….


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2 thoughts on “How it feels to be parents

  1. damn, this one made me cry!

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