Life's like a multiple choice question, sometimes the choices confuse you, not the question itself

Experience is what makes it worth it all

Experience is what makes it worth it all

These are the best hours of every day.

A left-over of the fun we share ourselves alone.

No more hustle and bustle.

No cars bumper to bumper.

Night stays here to dim down the light

And lets music take us far away through imagination.

But when you get home, you pour yourself a drink

from an almost empty glass, over and over,

downing it fast, drowning the past while thinking too hard

Thinking you could have done that but you did this

Feeling sorry you should have been there while you were here

They say we can’t let things slip away through our hands

But are we living to regret what has happened to us out of everyday’s lives.

There’s always a lesson worth learning behind every failure

At least we did it

Never regret for something you may easily forget

Don’t worry to feel sorry

Time we spend ourselves is the time worth remembering yet we’re gonna miss,

Because we know we could never ever turn back the hands of time.

But in return, experience is what makes it worth it all.


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