Life's like a multiple choice question, sometimes the choices confuse you, not the question itself

The Perfect man is Gay

The Perfect man is Gay

The perfect man.

The perfect man, every woman wants him.

The perfect man is always gentle, loving and affectionate to you.

The perfect man loves kids, will raise them for you, by your side.

The perfect man will be a caring father to his kids and a good husband to you.

The perfect man loves cooking, cooks for you everyday, cleans up, does the dishes, makes breakfast and even whispers gently to your ears in the morning to tell you “I love you”

The perfect man protects you from the pain, shelters you through the stormiest weather.

The perfect man never hurts you, makes you cry or even shouts at you no matter how difficult life is and bad-tempered he is.

And to summarize all the above as well as to end this writing,

The perfect man is Gay.


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