Life's like a multiple choice question, sometimes the choices confuse you, not the question itself

Growing old

Growing old

Great thought comes from a great mind

Beautiful conversation grows from a beautiful heart

From word to phrase

Phrase to clause

Clause to sentence and so it goes on and on like it will never be over
as time stands still to witness

how two people always long for intimate conversations

Even when we miss someone, we mostly miss a good quality of conversation spent with them.

so called magic moments

For a man
Love is a momentary itch
Dream is a fantasy that life creates
Wealth is optical illusion of a happy future

Most importantly….

He is gonna spend the rest of his life for never-ending-yet-meaningful conversations with his significant other

Until hair turns grey
Until bones can no longer lift up his body
Until he no longer remembers a thing


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3 thoughts on “Growing old

  1. Very nice note and it moves me…

  2. Very nice note and it moves me…thanks Kakak

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